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do not, i repeat, do not

think about your favorite character’s face when they orgasm, especially after an agonizingly slow build of teasing and foreplay that lasts for hours

don’t imagine the relief in their eyes right before they close them

don’t imagine the sounds of their ecstasy as they finally hit that sweet spot

don’t imagine every line and muscle in their body tense and arching as they ride the aftershocks

don’t imagine the way they sag and pant and smile afterward, drawing their partner close to their sweat-slicked body

just don’t do that to yourself


Anonymous asked: Hello! How about Cas is very talkative and Dean gets annoyed by it. So every time he tries to speak, Dean ‘punishes’ Cas by kissing him. Um idk, maybe you could make Cas drunk so there’s a reason why he talks too much? You are awesome! Keep writing!

Author’s note: Several other people have requested drunk!Cas before, so I thought it was about time I wrote something for it. Enjoy! 

“Bees… Bees are beautiful creatures, Dean. They are so often underappreciated, but think about how they are such hard workers. If it weren’t for bees, we would not be allowed to experience the true miracle that is honey. Did you know that bees…”

Castiel kept rambling on and on, and Dean tried to block it all out, seeing as it was kind of necessary for him to pay attention to the road. They’d been to Balthazar’s birthday party, but Dean had dragged Cas home when he’d noticed that his friend had basically been swaying on his feet. Cas hardly ever went down the road of alcohol, and so he was kind of a lightweight. Dean, being the awesome friend that he was, had seen it as his duty to save Cas from himself, before things could get worse.

Of one thing Dean was sure though; His best friend shouldn’t be allowed to get drunk ever again. The thing with Cas was that on the rare occasions when he got drunk, he kept talking, and talking, and talking.

“Don’t you agree, Dean?” Castiel asked once his lengthy monologue about insects was finished.

When Dean averted his attention from driving to take a brief look at Cas, it was obvious that Castiel was very serious about whatever he’d been babbling about. It was adorable, but also distracting.

Castiel smiled at Dean; a dopey, drunk smile. The kind of smile that Dean loved. The kind of smile that made Dean question his life, his friendship with Cas, and his entire sexuality. Blue eyes watched him expectantly, as if Dean’s response was the key ingredient to a matter of life and death.

“Jeez, I don’t know, Cas… I think bees are… they’re great.” Dean improvised, having no clue as to what Cas had been talking about.

“Aren’t they! I think humans often take them for granted, just as they take everything for granted, and for another thing…”

Dean tuned Cas out again, strictly focusing on the road. When they pulled up in front of Dean’s house after another good ten minutes of driving, Cas was still talking.

Castiel was supposed to sleep over at Dean’s place after the party, and initially Dean had been totally cool with that, but now he realized that he was going to have to make sure that a very intoxicated Cas made it to his bedroom without them waking up the rest of the family.

The silence was deafening when Dean turned off the Impala’s engine. He angled his body towards Cas, who was still chattering.

“And I don’t get it, I mean truly, why would Meg Masters want to dance with me? She kept insisting, and insisting, even after I informed her that I can’t dance. Do you think she didn’t believe me? Or do you think she simply didn’t care, and…”

Dean zoomed in on Cas’ lips. They were pretty, a dark shade of pink, and they were forming exquisite shapes around the words that Castiel was spitting out.

“Alright, chatty Cathy.” Dean said mockingly. “We’re gonna go inside now, and you’re going to keep quiet so we don’t wake up mom or dad. Or Sammy for that matter, because he will tell on us if we wake him up.”

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Stand where you are, look around, and list whatever liquidy thing is closest to you. This is now your fanfic lube.